Passion is sweet 激|情令人幸福
Love makes weak 爱情令人脆弱
You said you cherished freedom so You refuse to let it go 你曾说过自由至上 因此你不愿被束缚

Follow your fate命中注定
Love and hate 爱恨情仇
Never fail to seize the day But dont give yourself away日夜追逐你的梦想 从未放弃

Oh when the night falls噢 当夜暮降临时
And your all alone 你孤身一人
In your deepest sleep what Are you dreaming of在你沉睡之时 你梦到了什么

My skin's still burning from your touch 肌肤之亲 让我陶醉
Oh I just can't get enough I 噢 我却无法满足
Said I wouldn't ask for much 曾答应不再向你索取
But your eyes are dangerous 然而 你的眼神摄人心魄
Oh the thought keep spinning in my head 你的思念挥之不去
Can we drop this masquerade 我们可否坦诚相对
I can't predict where it ends 纵使结局无法预算
If your the rock I'll crush against 我仍旧甘愿飞蛾扑火

Trapped in a crowd 置身于人海茫茫之中
The music is loud 乐声嘈杂
I said I love my freedom to Now I'm not sure I do 我曾说过 我同样珍爱自由 现在却不可置否

All eyes on you视线被你占据
Rings so true我已看清一切
Better quit while you're ahead Now I'm not so sure I am情深入之时 却是分手之日 然而我却无法做到

My soul my heart 我的灵魂 我的芳心
If you're near if you're far无论你近在咫尺或是远在天涯
My life my love 我的生命 我的挚爱
You can have it all....ooohaaaah 一并带走